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Six-member girl group Six Bomb recently strayed from the idol image, revealing that as individuals, they “weren’t pretty.” Compared to the other teenage girls that are debuting in the music industry, they consider themselves to rank as average in looks, the girls shared in an interview.

The members, Nabi, Hye Jin, Subin, Eui Hyun, Young Ji and Jiwoo made their official stage debut on January 28th and 29th on KBS2‘s ‘Music Bank‘ and MBC‘s ‘Music Core‘. Living up to their name, the ladies really dropped some bombs on stage. Their vocals were stable and their dance was perfectly in sync. They proved that they were a skilled girl group who did not need to rely on their looks.

The performance generally received positive reactions. After leaving a strong impression on viewers, Six Bomb was the #1 searched item on portal sites everywhere.

There were also some negative comments, which the girls were prepared to deal with. Some netizens remarked that their appearances completely ‘bombed’ — a harsh criticism that could wound any rookie who was just starting out.

However, the girls remained positive and remarked, “We know that we are not extremely beautiful, but we think that the public will find us more attractive over time. We have an image that’s hard to forget. We didn’t come out here trying to triumph everyone else with our looks. We want to shake the music industry with our talent.”

“There’s this strong aura that surrounds us when we individuals come together,” they continued. ”We are not necessarily trying to push an ‘energetic’ image with our name ‘bomb’, but we want people to know that our name ‘bomb’ carries a deeper, ‘powerful’ meaning.”

The girls have recorded five different songs on their new album. This is rare to do nowadays, especially for rookie singers. Their title song “Chicky Chicky Bomb” is a new-wave dance song whose rap and melody harmonize well together, and their songs “Baby Boy” and “After I Left You” are emotional, fantasy-like ballads while “Step to Me” has more of a rock sound to it, and “Only You Don’t Know” encompasses classical sounds.

“We wanted to show you a lot of different sides of us, so we incorporated a lot of different genres,” they said. “We are not good at being cute, so we won’t even try. We want to come out on top with our music, so we tossed the ‘pretty’ image.”