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Fans already know that most idol groups dorm together once they debut for ease of management and transportation. The rule is especially strict for rookie groups, where companies tend to keep a closer eye on their activities to avoid drama or other scandals.

The ladies of the rookie girl group Six Bomb, on the other hand, don’t dorm together, but for the same reasons as their peers. Dorms are widely used by companies to “train” behavior in idols, but Six Bomb’s company, Jang Entertainment, hopes to achieve the same effect the same opposite way by nurturing autonomy and individuality, as well as the will to accomplish things on their own without the need or dependence on others.

A representative at Jang Entertainment revealed that, despite the fact that the members are rookies, the staff merely directs the members in the direction they hope the girls will take, and leave the rest of the production decisions up to the members.

Six Bomb stated, “Our opinions were reflected in our songs, outfits, performances, and characters. Nobody can create our group color but ourselves, and our company places a lot of emphasis not on force but on managing ourselves with our own will. That’s why we don’t dorm together.”

The girls continued, “Since we regulate ourselves, there is a feeling of nervousness but we’re better at managing our time that way. If we want to do well, we don’t wait for someone to direct us or order us, we go out and get it done ourselves. We want Six Bomb to be a group that we create as leaders so that we can become role models to other people.”