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? Choi Siwon:

-This reminds us of our interview with you back in 2009, when you guys also won the ‘Daesang’ for your album.

“Yes, I remember. We received the Daesang back then and you interviewed us at an eatery in Apgujeong. Can’t believe that time has passed so quickly already. I think Super Junior began receiving more love and support after we won the Daesang that the Golden Disk Awards that year (laughs).”

-How did your scandal with actress Kim Yunsuh come about?

“It really doesn’t make any sense. If there is someone I really like, I’m usually very straight forward about it. My father who never calls me about work-related things was so shocked that he called me right away. He asked why I didn’t tell him ahead of time (laughs).”

-Then why do you think the rumors started?

“We filmed maybe three scenes together for ‘Poseidon‘. And there was a time when we went to go cheer on Park Sung Gwang hyung for his new musical along with Lee Sung Jae, and some other actors. We took a photo there together with everyone in it, but the photos were edited to look like we took the photo alone. I think maybe that’s why the rumors began.”

-It must have been hard for you to lose both your grandmothers in the past year.

“Yeah, I lost both my grandmothers in one year. I lost my grandmother on my father’s side in July, and my grandmother on my mother’s side on the 6th. This award ceremony was a little harder because it took place so soon after she passed away. I miss her even more today.”

-What will happen to you guys once Leeteuk enlists in the military?

“There are a lot of different routes that we can take, but I think we will mostly promote as various units.”

-You have the most followers on Twitter, surpassing Lee Wae Soo.

“Yeah, that happened towards the end of last year. I think with 1,100,000 followers, I surpassed senior Lee Wae Soo. Right now I have about 1,300,000 and I hope to surpass 3,000,000 by the end of this year. And I hope that collectively, we will have over 10,000,000 followers as a group.”