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On 15th of June, the international news agency, Reuters had interviewed Super Junior’s Siwon about their SM Town’s recent live concert in Paris and so with the opinion of the singer in the Korean music in Europe. He had stated that the current Hallyu Wave still not have much significance in Europe but he is sure that it will be change. He stated, “[the SM Town concert] wasn’t just a concert in Europe. It was beyond that, which gives me so much confidence and pride.” Additional to that, he revealed confidently that them, Super Junior, can be able to make it in the global industry as he stated, “We do have lots of songs composed by Europeans. Also, our fashionable and powerful performances are appealing.”

On the interview, they also mentioned Siwon‘s personal experiences during his training and his time in Beijing while learning Chinese. He revealed, “I’m not a native English speaker but do post tweets in English. But, interestingly, our fans are now learning Korean.”