Home » SISTAR’s Hyorin is Korea’s Beyonce~!

SISTAR‘s Hyorin has been actively participating with KBS Immortal Song 2, which gained her praises and titles as the Korea’s Beyonce. She recently shared her thoughts about this  with Newsen, as she gave a little interview. She stated, “I’m definitely feeling the attention the public is putting on me after appearing on ‘Immortal Song 2′.  When promoting with SISTAR, the older generation didn’t really know who we were, but now they’re giving me supportive comments like, ‘You’re a great singer’, and ‘I’m enjoying the show.’  Through the show, I think that people are beginning to recognize all of the efforts I’ve made thus far.”

She also added, “I’ve had great luck since the first episode and even won twice, which has allowed me to show a new side of myself to the viewers.  Everything’s great, but I do receive a lot of stress.  It’s a lot of pressure to have to sing alone after promoting with a group all this time.  I shake a lot before going up on stage, and I shake a bit even while singing.”

She was also asked about being chosen amongst her follow idols, in which she replied, “People say that they don’t think I get nervous, but that’s impossible.  I rack my head every week trying to think of new concepts.  I’m really just full of worries and concerns.”

And now that she was having a break from the show, she stated, “It’s hard, but I’m always being stimulated by watching the stages of other idols.  Sometimes I’ll shake all day long.  Before I joined the show, I thought that we’d all be cautious with each other because of the competition, but now we actually depend on each other and have become a lot closer.  We’re like one team.”

Even though she already got two won, she still want to continue winning, “People have greed, and I, too, want to continue winning.  I’m not obsessed over the ranking but I want to do well and put on a performance that satisfies me.”