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On August 12, during a rehearsal at the KBS2 Music Bank stage in Seoul, SISTAR’s Bora suffered a burn injury after falling on stage lights. During the girl group’s rehearsal for their latest title track “So Cool”, Bora tripped on her way to greet special visitors and fell on the stage lights.

Bora was immediately taken to the hospital, where she received emergency treatment, and promptly returned to the rehearsal stage. Fans have since expressed their concern for Bora, who has previously experienced several such on-stage accidents.
Despite the accident, SISTAR continued to make their comeback to Music Bank as scheduled.

In regards to the accident and SISTAR‘s comeback, netizens have made comments like “Glad to see Bora didn’t sustain a major injury”, “I was very worried, but they had a really great comeback stage”, and “That was great! Fighting”


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