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Girl group SISTAR recently sat down with Issue Daily to share their thoughts on wrapping up their “So Cool” promotions.

The girls stated, “It feels like our promotions for our first official album wrapped up so quickly… it’s a bit disappointing.  Now we’re looking forward to supporting our labelmate juniors Boyfriend on their comeback.”

Bora said, “I think the greatest thing we earned from this promotion cycle was having the public recognize not just Hyorin and I, but all the members of SISTAR.  It was an opportunity for each member to grow and improve.”

Hyorin added, “Our fans are upset that we weren’t able to win as much on music programs, but we’re actually okay about it.  We see them and think to ourselves how many expectations rest upon us. We’re just really grateful that people are taking an interest in us.”

Soyu stated, “I’m personally happy that I was able to show everyone my presence in the group.  I’m glad that people now realize that there’s also a member like me in SISTAR.”

Concluding the interview, the group stated, “Thank you so much for giving love to ‘So Cool’.  We’re going to prepare extra hard for our next album, and return as a new and improved SISTAR.”