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Moving onto his girl group, Shinsadong Tiger stated with confidence that EXID will show far more talent than he has through his career. “You know that B2ST’s Yong Joonhyung has a strong image as a composer. Through him I thought, ‘I want to make a female singer that can rap and compose well.’ EXID’s LE possesses this type of talent. She has a lot of drive and dreams, and on top of this, she has a great talent in creating raps. At first, I tried to help her out and get involved, but I realized that what she made was much better and successful.”

His philosophy for idol-singer success is described as ‘laissez-faire’. Rather than intrusive training, his management style is to promote self-implementation of study habits. He revealed that this is a know-how he picked up while working with idol singers over the years.

“They have trained for 1 year,” he said. “What’s interesting is that during that 1 year, they didn’t have any choreography or singing training, nor did they have anyone managing them. I just had them work hard on their own. I wanted them to discover their talents and limitations as they tried to figure out the way they wanted to practice.> Because of this, I anticipate that they will be a group with more motivated, if not hungry eyes.”