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Recently, there are some rumor and reports that are circulating around the South Korea stating that Eric and Minwoo of the legendary k-pop longest running group, Shinhwa is planning to create and establish their own Shinhwa Company. According to those, if this will go as planned, Eric and Minwoo will be the heads of the company while the other four members will serve as the major shareholders for the rumored company.

If you would ask on why are they planning this? Well the reason is that all the six members of the group are under from the different management company right now and so it will be very difficult for them to plan their upcoming group activities. The said Shinhwa Company will be providing their sub-contract system for the members’ individual agencies to fix the schedule of the members without any hardships.

But currently, as of now, there is only one thing that we are sure about and that is “Nothing is Confirmed”. The CEO of the Open World Entertainment, Jang Seokwoo, is the one who owns the rights for using the name Shinhwa for the group. He had recently told some reporters that there are still no final decision has been made about this matter.  He had also stated that even though he did speak this matter with Eric and Minwoo, the Open World Entertainment has not still yet giving them the permission to use their group’s name. However, he still did show a positive attitude towards the idea of building such company and the possibility of the group to make their comeback. It looks like he is just someone who is playing a hard to get.

On the other hand, the main goal for all of this business talk is for of course the comeback of the group. Shinhwa was aiming to make their comeback for next year’s March or March 24, 2010 to be more exactly. The date also marks the 14th anniversary of the group. Hence, their fans are very much excited about this; as they will experience and see the Shinhwa effect on the stage.