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Recently, the members of the legendary k-pop group Shinhwa had met up to have their discussion about a new album that they are going to release next year, and their fans had expected for an announcement soon about this said album. On the 26th of April, an official that represents the group had revealed, “Shinhwa are planning to release an album after all of the members have been discharged from the military.”

Additional to that, the representative had also revealed that the group members are planning to have a concert after the release of their album next year in order to fulfill their promise to their fans. Last year, Kim Dongwan had announced on a one broadcast, “Shinhwa is planning to make a comeback in 2012. Eric and Lee Minwoo will showcase their producing skills before summer 2012.”

As of the moment, Kim Dongwan and Eric have already finished their military services while Lee Minwoo and Junjin are expected to be discharge from their public service duties in January next year. Andy is still serving active duty and will be said to discharge this coming October 2011. Their member Shin Hyesung will release a solo album in June.

The representative that is also talking had then stated that since there is still a little quite of time, many of the details for the comeback are still not finalized. However, it is true that the group members had met a while back to have their discussion about the comeback and the release of another new album.

The release of their new album will serve as the comeback of the group after four years of absence in the Korean music scene. Shinhwa had last released their 4th album in the year 2008. Ever since their debut in the year 1998, the group did not changed the members nor changed the group’s name. They are truly one of the legends of K-pop and longest running Korean group who has still gained such enormous marks coming from different people. Their fans who are waiting for quite some time are finally rejoicing for the comeback of their idols.