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Recently, singer Lee Seung Gi sat down for an interview with Mnet‘s ‘MIC‘, where he revealed that he felt a void without fellow MC Kang Ho Dong, who has temporarily retired from the industry.

Commenting on leading ‘Strong Heart‘ alone as a solo MC, Seung Gi remarked, “The person who has the strongest of hearts is our hyungnim, and I started this with Kang Ho Dong hyungnim, who was always there for me. When he left, I had to focus all my energy in being able to carry the show by myself. It was the first time I was so determined to work so hard. It wasn’t easy.”

The answer was rather surprising, as the MC has received high praises for doing just fine without his co-host. “Of course I’m flattered that the response has been so positive, but it just isn’t the same without him. Sometimes I feel lonely, and empty. There are days I don’t really feel like laughing“, he confessed.