Home » SECRET will not have cellphones until they become number 1 in Japan

In a recent report, the members of the girl group SECRET revealed that each of them does not have cell phones ever since they had started three years ago. Even though thegroup stated that they are already used in dealing this, the girls still have a little frustration about this matters and so they shared it on KBS’s Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook.

The girls revealed that since they do not have cellphones, it brought them a stronger relationship. They had stated, “When you look at other teams, they’re usually on their phone or playing games and surfing the web on it when they’re re-locating or in waiting rooms. Since we don’t have cell phones, we only have each other for entertainment, so we become closer like that.” When asked if they planned to really have no cell phones, they revealed, “No, it was in our contracts when we signed on.”

They also continued, “We were originally supposed to get our cell phones back in January of 2012, but they changed their word again. Now we won’t get it back until we win #1 in Japan.” The members was also asked, “If, in the future, you set up your own label and produced your own girl group, would you let them have cell phones?” and replied, “No. We’d never allow it!”