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Girl group SECRET recently shared their thoughts on SNSD‘s newest MV release for ‘The Boys‘.

Through an interview with OSEN, the girls remarked that they saw the newly released MV today and they all agreed, “It was pretty awesome.”

Sunhwa exclaimed, “They all look really pretty in it. SNSD never disappoints!” and gave it a thumbs up.

Ji Eun also remarked,  ”We actually have the same MV director as SNSD. He’s been working with us since our debut, but he chose to film their MV first… Director, do your like the SNSD unnis better than us?” she joked.

Hyosung added, “It’s an honor just to be performing on the same stage as them. We will think of this as a great opportunity and work harder.”

SECRET has just released their full album ‘MOVING IN SECRET‘ along with the MV for ‘Love is Move‘ while SNSD released their album ‘The Boys‘ on the 19th.