Home » Sean Kingston & Michael Mind Plagiarizes SHINee’s Ready Or Not

Earlier last week, many articles and reports has been circulating around the internet regarding the fans of the male idol group SHINee discovering a track from the American artist Sean Kingston and Michael Mind Project that was titled, Ready or Not. And the 1track’s name is actually the same with the SHINee’s track, Ready or Not.

Since all the credits are for Sean Kingston’s songs stated that the song was written by Sean Kingston alongside with the production of the German House Music Duo, Michael Mind Project, the Shawols (SHINee Fans) had started to accuse those artists of plagiarizing the SHINee. There are still others who had asked their friends to stay calm so that they can just wait for the statement about this issue that may be released by the management company of SHINee which is SM Entertainment. For the news about this, it was also said that the track was actually a remake one for the song, “Girls”, so there is a great possibility that the Michael Mind Project had received permission from the original makers. But, the artist for the track, “Girls” is still unknown.

And recently, Michael Mind had finally released a statement regarding this, stating, “Dear bloggers. We followed your controversy discussion with great interest and decided to give you some more information about the background of the track: the original (called “girls”) has been written early 2010 in Finland. We loved the track from scratch and offered to produce it. SHINee’s label did the same and has been able to cut it first. We agreed with the writers to do an adaption of the original with Sean Kingston’s voice. Hence, we haven’t stolen anything. Rave safely, the Michael Mind Project”

On the other hand, SM Entertainment has not still saying any statement about this matter as so the fans of the group should stay calm before acting rudely to others. Even the group themselves still hasn’t give any reactions about this. For all the fans, it will be alright as long as we will all be professional in this matter so stay really calm.