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During a recent interview, actress Shin Se Kyung expressed her anticipation for the upcoming MBC sitcom ‘High Kick 3‘ and commented, “I’m really looking forward to ‘High Kick 3?. I’m curious as to how the story will unfold.”
Shin Se Kyung rose to stardom after taking part in last year’s sitcom ‘High Kick through the Roof‘, and is showing a great deal of interest towards the next High Kick series, ‘High Kick 3?.
She added, “Director Kim Byung Wook suggested that I make a cameo in the new sitcom, and I’m determined to do so, even as a ghost- I think it would be fun to play a ghost in the show.”
It hasn’t yet been decided what cameo role Shin Se Kyung will take on, but netizens have already started to think of some amusing scenarios, some even jokingly suggesting that the opening scene of the new sitcom will be of Shin Se Kyung and Choi Daniel’s funeral.
The ending of ‘High Kick through the Roof’ shocked fans when it was implied that Shin Se Kyung and Choi Daniel were killed in a car accident, and netizens are therefore trying to guess what kind of cameo role the actress will play in ‘High Kick 3?.
Meanwhile, Shin Se Kyung seems to have had quite a busy year seeing as how she has three different projects currently awaiting release. Her movie ‘Blue Salt‘ will be released on August 31st, her new SBS drama ‘Tree of Deep Roots‘ will be airing on September 28th, and she also recently concluded filming for the upcoming movie, ‘Emergency: Close to the Sun‘.