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With much anticipation for Super Show 4 ever since the group’s comeback with “Mr. Simple”, Super Junior has finally revealed the concert dates in Korea and Japan!

Super Show 4 is expected to kickoff in Seoul, South Korea, with concerts scheduled on November 19th and 20th. Super Junior will be performing at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena, where Super Show 3 was held last year.

In addition to the Seoul dates, Eunhyuk also revealed the concert dates for Japan when he tweeted, “SMTown Live in Tokyo! Very happy about the concert at Tokyo Dome! Very thankful for everyone that came and filled the seats! 12/10-11 Super Show 4! See you at the Osaka Dome!”, revealing the concert dates for Japan as December 10th and 11th.

There are also continuing speculations that Super Show 4 will be held in Taiwan in early February, as the official organizer has dropped hints that the concert will be held after Chinese New Year, and records released by Taipei Arena indicate that the organizer has booked the venue during that time.

credits: koreaboo