Home » Rania Shared Thoughts About Finishing their Promotions

One of the rookie girl groups, Rania recently sat down for an interview ans shared their thoughts regarding the first halt of their promotions, also stating their scheduled plans in other countries. Rania expressed, “It’s only been three months since our debut, so to be already wrapping up our promotions is a bit of a strange and saddening feeling.”

Regarding their strong and powerful debut songs, they stated, “We want to hear people say, ‘They really are different’. That’s why we need to prepare a lot more for our next album. We will elevate and upgrade to a higher level,” and also, “There was a lot of controversy around sexually suggestive content during our initial debut, but for our next album, we want to show music that’s more public-friendly while still maintaining a strong performance”.

The group is scheduled to meet their Japanese fans this KBS “Music Bank” special broadcast on July 13th, which be following up with their showcases around asia. Rania concluded, “We would like our fans to not forget about us until we make a comeback. We want to return to our fans as a more developed Rania.”