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World star Rain(26) comes back to Korea with his 5th album ‘Rainism’.

About a thousand fans were present during his great special performance in the MBC Dreamcenter. He was secretly working on his 5th album that contains great songs such as, ‘Love Story’, ‘Only You’, and ‘Fresh Woman’. His performance consisted of the ‘Love Story’, ‘Fresh Woman’, and his previous hit song ‘Bad Guy’.

He sang ‘Love Story’ that expressed soft love and ‘Love Story’ expressed humor as he danced in training clothes. However, the highlight of his comeback stage was ‘Bad Guy’with actor, Kim Sun Ah. The dance received much recognition from both the fans and the television viewers. Rain seems to be off to a good start with his comeback stage and we hope that he will be able to continue to have great performances like these.

(His Album Will Be Out On Oct. 15)