Home » Rainbow cried upon being ranked 3rd on Oricon

On September 14th, Rainbow released their debut single, “A“, which ranked #3 on the daily singles chart with 10,141 copies sold.  As of the 15th, they girls are still going strong on the chart with 17,117 in sales. Rainbow has jumped over SECRET‘s first week of sales (recorded at 13,124 copies), and now they’re setting their sights on After School (23,760 copies) and KARA (29,238 copies) records in their debut week.

The members stated, “When we first heard that we were ranked in third, we were all surprised because we had no idea that they’d take such an interest in us.  There were even some members who cried.”

They continued, “There’s also a lot of pressure in that we have to work harder and do better.  We’re still very grateful and thankful for our position on the charts.  Since we’re already receiving so much love, we’re really not anticipating a rise in the weekly charts.  For the remainder of our stay here, we’re just going to do our best.”

To their fans, they stated, “To our loving and supportive fans, as well as our company family, we thank you and thank you again.  We’re going to go back to Korea and work hard while still studying Japanese.”