Home » Rain was raised by soldiers inside the army!

Praise that Rain’s army colleagues lavished on him have made its way onto the internet. The soldiers had participated in an exercise where they had to write letters to each other; Rain’s letters were reportedly filled with praises.

A soldier wrote, “There are celebrities who take sick leave all the time, but Rain is different. He goes through all the training he is told to do.”

Other soldiers said “He is like a friendly neighborhood brother. But a cool one”, and “If we got 15 points in a week, we’d be allowed to make a 3 to 5 minute phone call; he earned almost all by himself.”

There were also funny comments like “The food is terrible, but if a world star can eat it, I should too” and “I am the guy who spends every day beside Rain. I see him in the day and sleep beside him at night.”

Previously, on October 24th, Rain posted on the recruit school blog that “the age gap between me and the others is seven years at the least and eleven years at the most. I’ve become a counsellor to the rest,” suggesting the harmonious relationship he has with his fellow recruits.

Netizens commented: “Rain tries his best at everything, so I knew he would do well”, “The first time I’ve been envious of recruits”, “I laughed so hard at the comment about the food”, and “The atmosphere in camp must be good”.