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After four years of not being on top, singer and producer Rain had done it once again and climbed the top of TIME 100 poll. As you can remember he had also topped for two consecutive years on 2006 and 2007 before he got far away from it and now it seems that his fans are getting fired up once again, and get him back to the top.

Korean pop star Rain has once again won the number one spot in the TIME 100 poll, in which the readers was asked to rank the world’s most influential people of their choice. After the poll had ended last Thursday night, the pop star had gained 406, 252 for the influential votes and 33,813 on not influential votes. His win is not new to most people since he had done it for two years and had placed second on the year 2008. This shows how great Rain are to be the world’s most influential people of 2011. The current second paced was the Taiwanese star, Jay Chou from The Green Hornet who got 207, 239 in influential votes. On the third place there is Susan Boyle who was the Britain’s Got Talent phenomenon who gained 151, 324 influential votes. And the top ranking American for the whole list was Beyonce who got the 5th ranked.

There were also some latest trends coming down from the chart like Michelle Obama who was on the 30th place with 10, 853 influential votes, beating the President Obama who had took the 46th place with 5,543 influential votes. On the other hand, Kanye West was ranked as the least influential that got the bottom spot of the list, he got a 34, 547 votes that says he is not influential. Joining the bottom line, there are also the tiger mother Amy Chua and Jersey Shore’s Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi.

Taking the 53rd place was the dynamic duo of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. Colbert once had a very close fight with artist Rain in reaching the top spot of the TIME 100 poll in the year 2007.