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After they had announced that “1N2D” would end in six months, the PD made a statement with Newsen. ”We discussed the issue with all of the cast members, production crew, and the KBS Entertainment department for a long time… There’s an ending for dramas, but not for entertainment shows. We hope that the ending of “1N2D” can show that an entertainment program could have a successful ending,” he said with his tone full of regret.

Na continued, “Although dramas and other programs have conclusions and have time to take a breath, “1N2D” was not able to. We received so much love and ran for such a long time… Since we had non-entertainers in our cast, we had many parts we needed to drop and there were hard times at the turning point in our lives”.

“A typical entertainment show’s lifespan concludes when viewer ratings dropped, but we are suggesting a new paradigm, hoping that the viewers could understand… In other words, we hope we could be the first case where a program ends when it’s receiving the most love, thus creating the first ‘ending’.”

Na added, “Kang Ho Dong and the rest of the members agreed on the idea of a ’successful ending’. During these short remaining six months, we want to show everything we haven’t shown, and everything we could have shown.”

As for his personal thoughts on ‘1N2D’ coming to end, Na Young Suk said, “I think [the ending] discussion was something that was bound to happen at one point. Looking back, making the cast – which is mostly composed of singers and actors – give their lives up for the entertainment field could have been something cruel… To encourage the growth of the members, as well as open up a new path for the entertainment field, I believe that we, “1N2D”, need to carry on with our decision.”

“We still have six months, which is quite a long time…We will stay on the path we’ve been going down in order to have a ’successful ending’.”

The reporter on the phone then asked Na, “Is this the end of “1N2D?”, to which Na replied, “There is no such thing as an ending. If there’s an ending, there is another beginning.”

He concluded, “If it’s not a sad ending, but a happy one, wouldn’t there be another beginning? …One day, a program titled “1N2D” can be created again, and be done again. Whether its comprised of new members or mixed members, I believe ‘1N2D’ can begin again at any given time.”