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In the morning last 21st of April, 2ne1’s Park Bom had released her own solo track entitled, “Don’t Cry” that serves to be her second digital single,  and almost with just a blink of an eye, the song had eventually swept off most of the major online charts that gives the singer to achieve her second “all kill” mark.

Representatives of her management company, YG entertainment had revealed through a telephone call with OSEN that yesterday Park Bom had cried and stated, “Park Bom’s song was released online, and at around 1AM, she called Teddy, who produced the song, and burst into tears. The moment Park Bom had started crying, Teddy knew something was going on and took the call while surprised and nervous.”

They had also added on their conversation, “It appears that when she had saw that her song placed #1 on various sites, Park Bom wanted to thank Teddy. Also, as the first ‘runner’ in 2NE1’s comeback, she was simultaneously overwhelmed by pressure and relief, and that’s why she started crying. She was probably very worried about having to kick off 2NE1’s comeback with her solo song.”

Park Bom was also reported to be dominating the music charts ever since the released of her song. Ever since that day, not only it had topped on Melon, but also it took the number one spot on Dosirak, Soribodia, M.Net, Bugs, Monkey3, and other Korean music charts. This is also the proof for her to gain the “perfect all kill” title.

On the other hand, their management company YG Entertainment had revealed that they are going to show 2ne1’s new songs every three weeks and Park Bom’s solo was already the starting line as they had been creating another system to try in promoting the girls.

Many of their fans has been showing their gratefulness and cheer to this commenting, “congratulations Park Bom!!”, “that is so cool”, “oww, don’t cry..she must be very glad to burst into tears”, “good luck to you and to the other members too!! We will always be for all of you” and “Park Bom DAEBAK!!”