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After releasing their music video for their latest track “Shanghai Romance” earlier this month, After School subgroup Orange Caramel has been busy performing on music shows, competing with artists such as Girls’ Generation, Secret, Kim Kyujong, Huh Gak, and more.

On October 27th, Orange Caramel had an interesting chat with Hankyung News about topics such as fashion, suicide, and their “Happy Virus”. During the interview, the girls revealed how they keep their work attitude separate from their personal life, and that they are very sincere to issues that are happening around them.

Here are excerpts from their interview, during which they spoke out on their health and routines, favorite restaurants, and plans for their futures.

Here are the excerpts from their interview.

How to keep your health while being on a busy schedule? 

(Raina) I go exercise if there’s spare time, eat lots of vitamins and omega3 to give myself energy and good health.
(Nana) I’m so worried because i lost some weight lately. My mother bought herbal medicine that is good for my health, and i constantly remember to eat it.
(Lizzy) I dont really eat herbal medicine and dont have anything special to consumes since I am a maknae among the members, I always carry the spirit.

Are there any body parts that you are jealous of other members? 

(Raina) Lizzy’s skin! Its like baby skin and Nana’s height, she has long legs and good body proportion.
(Nana) Thank you (laughs) Lizzy’s skin is just like piece of art. and Raina’s eyes sparkle just like character on comic books..
(Lizzy) Raina’s legs-line is so pretty.

How do you usually spend your pocket money?

(All) We all have a huge interest in fashion. So we usually go shopping or eat food. We have busy schedules so its really hard to spend our money. But, if we see pretty accessories or shoes while walking on street, we will buy. Since, we are still young we all tend to pass our paycheck to our parents.

Nana airport fashion has been a hot topic, Is there anything special you prepare before going to the airport? 

(Raina) I pay a lot of attention to it! On the previous day before going, I even spend time to pick out the clothes myself.
(Lizzy) There are always times when I receive sponsor clothes. When receiving sponsored clothes, I don’t really pay attention and there’s a comfortable point with wearing sponsored clothes.

Is there anything that catches your eye about fashion?

(Raina) I like black outfits so I pay attention to the black color and also earrings or rings.
(Nana) Shoes and sunglasses. I also like to wear boots.
(Lizzy) Shoes or accessories. All three of us have a huge interest towards fashion, and there’s times when you want to show off the clothes you buy.

Please recommend some places where you guys love to eat.

(Raina) I often go to a fusion restaurant called ‘Zen’.The pasta that is sold there is really delicious.
(Nana) Oh! A place called ‘???’ (Byol Yal-Jib) in Shinsa-Dong that sell intestines. The members can’t drink alcohol; we often drink a toast with lemon-lime soda. Especially since this restaurant sells delicious ?? (Dae-chang).
(Lizzy) Among the members I am on side that likes to drink. I drink sweet fruit soju . For delicious food I recommend restaurant called ‘???’(ChongDam-Gol).

What do you want to do in your 40s?

(Raina) I still want to be a singer and a success in MCing, and be a successful musical actress which was my mom’s dream when she’s was young .
(Nana) I have an interest in becoming a makeup artist, so I might open a beauty shop. I also want to do community service and take care of abandoned dogs.
(Lizzy) Become an MC that just like Yoo Jae Suk and be a professor in an entertaining major.

Have you ever thought about committing suicide?

(Raina) There’s times when I’m absolutely exhausted since debuting as singer. I get really tired if the cockroaches keep appearing in our dorm and also tired on part-time jobs, but because I have a dream that I live for, I never think of committing suicide.
(Nana) I never thought of committing suicide. I have a lot of things I want to do, and dreams. Since I’m still young, I always look ahead to the future. I gained strength from the first time I told my parents I wanted to be a singer.

How did you feel when heard the news about the celebrity that committed suicide?

(Lizzy) I wondered a lot why they made such a decision, it is a decision that would be regretted. It’ll be better if we just never heard the news about it again.

Is there anything you want to say to people that want to commit suicide?

(Raina) How about reconsider that, and think about parents or people around you. If I think, about ‘if i die, my parents must be so sad’ it seems like the thoughts about dying will just disappear. Even there’s times when you are tired, in your life, but remember the good days will also come too.
(Lizzy) If you turn backwards the word ‘??’ (Ja-sal / Commit Suicide) , it’s gonna be read as ‘??’ (Sal-ja / Let’s live) . Even this is really obvious, how about trying to live your life again.
(Nana) If I heard about the students that can’t reach their dreams, my heart would really hurt. All students, please don’t give up on your dream and be strong . Even if there are times when you are tired, there will always be better days.

Future plans or activities? 

2 weeks from now, we will be temporarily stopping Orange Caramel activities at the moment, and start Japanese activities on November. Please give a lot of love to ‘Shanghai Romance’ and please receive the Happy Virus that we give.