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‘Superstar K3‘ winner Ooh La La Session recently discussed their hardships before the show and gave out a word of advice during Baek Ji Yeon‘s ‘People Inside‘.

Lim Yoon Taek stated, “Do not let those who surround you bring you down. For the past 15 years Oolala Session worked really hard without wanting a specific thing. We believed that no matter what it was, if we just worked hard enough it would all pay off some day. Those who pointed fingers and said ‘What are you doing at the age of 31? now tells us we’re the best. We really hope everyone else will do the same. Do what you really love doing and don’t let others’ negative criticism affect you.”

He continued with, “When people assume we just don’t practice anymore, it makes us sad because that’s not true at all. Even during ‘Superstar K3?, we hardly slept and worked very hard.”