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Superstar K3 winners ‘Ooh La La Session‘ were interviewed at the CJ E&M Center on the 14th, and the group talked about their plans for the future.

When asked about how their lives have changed after the show, the youngest Park Kwang Sun (22) joked, “It’s the same. We still take public transportation, and no one recognizes us.”

He hilariously explained the group’s ‘communist-like mentality’ that kept them humble. “We constantly reminded ourselves that Yoon Tek hyung was the star of ‘Superstar K’, not us,” he said evoking more laughter.

The group also stated, “We have no plans to promote ourselves as individuals. Our friend who was was an original member of our group is currently running a business and has started a new family. He needs time to be with his family right now so it would be difficult for him to debut with us… But we hope that we will be able to stand on stage with him when we have special events.”

But entering an entertainment label would mean that they might have to change their musical style, according to their management. “Even if we debut under a label, I think we would more likely listen more to Yoon Tek hyung than our agency. We hope to sign with a label that will respect our style of music and let us express our own colors.”

When asked what they would like to accomplish, their answer was rather surprising. Instead of remarking that they would like to fulfill their dreams or become international stars, the members stated, “We would like to sleep. We want to make sure all our members are healthy.”

The members casually joked around and evoked laughs during the majority of their interview, but their last comments were genuine and serious.

In closing, they compared their music to instant ramen: music that’s always easily accessible and approachable. It was obvious that their future was bright, and the boys were going to go be a source of light and strength for everyone that listens to their music.

The top 10 Superstar K3 contestants with the exception of Chris will be performing a special concert at Olympic Park inSeoulto kick off their national tour.