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To clear up any misunderstandings, Oh In Hye sat down with reporters and discussed her feelings on the entire ordeal.

When told, “The dress you wore became a hot issue in the media,” she replied, “I still don’t feel it.  It was my first time on the red carpet so I was just so surprised to see the reactions.  All of my friends began calling me, telling me not to feel down with the hate.  Although there were positive replies, there were also some bad ones.  I merely went to the event hoping to get caught on camera, but I think the situation blew up into something out of my control.  There were some who criticized me for going overboard, but what I want to make clear is that I didn’t seek the attention purposely.”

When asked on why she chose the dress, Oh In Hye replied, “Doesn’t everyone dream of attending a film festival?  It was my first time, so I didn’t know what dress to wear.  An unni I know from my movie recommended a wedding shop store in Seoul, so I rented a dress from there.  I didn’t have much to choose from to begin with, so I just chose that dress.  It also didn’t fit me so I had to personally tailor the shoulder part and length.  I don’t have a stylist.  The dress was worn by Baek Ji Young six years ago.”

She continued, “I don’t have experience with these events so I didn’t know what amount of exposure was appropriate or not.  I just wore whatever they gave me.  The dress was so old that a lot of it needed tailoring.”

Concluding the interview, she stated, “I’m really self conscious and get hurt easily.  When I saw that I was the most searched figure online, I was worried about tomorrow.  My parents knew that I had been going through a hard time and just told me to not focus on the hateful replies and just overcome it as a life experience.”