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The ladies of Nine Muses have returned to the music scene with a new song after 5 months, and have applied some changes to their group. For starters, Nine Muses who previously had 7 members are now promoting with 8, and they have traded in their bubbly image for one that’s more fierce and charismatic.

The girls looked completely different from the way they looked for their “Figaro” promotions when Issue Daily caught up with them for an interview.

Their new song “News” was composed by sweetune, and the dark beat and melody has been receiving high praise from fans. The dance is also powerful and provocative with a lot of visuals to take in throughout the performance.

“With our previous song “Figaro”, the choreography was very bright and bubbly, but “News” is a bit darker, and we worked to make the melody, dance, and stage ensembles much more fierce. The song is about a woman who broke up with her man who indirectly tells of the inner feelings and emotions of women (Lee Sem).”

“I think through our new promotions, our fans will be able to see how much we’ve grown and developed as artists. We’ve never officially showcased our rap skills but there’s a lot more rap in the new album. But it doesn’t stop there, we have matured as musicians and challenged ourselves to try new genres of music. Our goal is to show you each of these new improved sides of ourselves (Hyuna).”

“The album is still very classically Nine Muses, but the way we deliver emotions will feel different. This song is a sad song, where we must act cool on the  outside, despite feeling hurt and scarred on the inside. That kind of expression is really different from before (Euaerin).”