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Cube Entertainment’s first subunit group, “JS & Hyuna”, saw huge success with their mini-album, “Trouble Maker”. The duo performed on multiple stages, including the 2011 MAMA where they had a “kiss” that shocked audience.

Now, Cube Entertainment has revealed that the next sub unit will be comprised of 4minute members Gayoon and Jiyoon. Representatives revealed that the two will be debuting after the release of 4minute‘s comeback album in 2012. Gayoon, the main vocalist of 4minute, is known for her strong vocal talents, while Jiyoon, as the second vocalist, is also hailed for her powerful voice.

Gayoon has been involved in numerous OSTs while Jiyoon has been an active participant of “Immortal Song 2”. While the group does not have an official name, members of Cube Entertainment have been calling the duo “Double Yoon”. They are said to be a “ballad duo”.  Are you looking forward to this new team from Cube?