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In order to have a more systematic format, the girls have recruited new member, Kyungli. Before her official debut, Kyungli who was born in 1990 was known as an ‘ulzzang (good looking)‘ dancer, and her previous experience has raised the expectations of their fans.

“I can’t believe that I’m here with Nine Muses right now, after watching them perform on TV. I don’t think I will be nervous because I have previous experience dancing, but I don’t have much experience as a singer and I think I will be a little unnatural when it comes to things like gestures and facial expressions. I will work harder to make up for the things I lack. I hope that with my own addition, we can further make a name for ourselves as Nine Muses (Kyungli).”

“We have more members now, and people are more aware of who we are, so I think we will be able to become a lot more active in 2012. All of us have a lot of individual talents, and we will try to show you those talents in the coming future (Sera).”

The members want to prove that they are highly capable artists and expressed their desire to be active in a lot of different ways…

“Before I joined Nine Muses, I worked in an office working with actors and actresses. If I ever get the chance, I would like to try acting. As of right now, I am a member of Nine Muses and therefore I would like to prove myself as an artist and further my studies in music. I have a lot of interest in genres like electronic pop, Indie music, and more (Hyuna).”

“I know that I am one of the vocals for the group, but I have a lot of passion for rap as well. Someday, I will show you my rap skills (Sera).”

“Because I am new to the group, my priority right now is finding my identity within Nine Muses, and afterwards, I would like to feature on an entertainment program (Kyungli).”

“I really like to sing. If I ever have the opportunity in the future, I would like to release a solo album or take up roles in musicals (Hyemi).”

“I made my breakthrough into the entertainment industry as an MC. I didn’t do it for too long, but I would like to learn more and build some experience as an MC.”