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Recently, the “Lotte Duty-Free Shop” had selected a new line of stars and models for their brand in addition with their current ones, Song Seung Hun, Rain, Choi Ji Woo and of course JYJ. The first line of the models represents the first generation of the current Hallyu Wave with very best popularity of the already said models. And theo keep up with an effort to those, Lotte had recently added Kim Hyun Joong, 2pm, Jang Geun Suk and Hyun Bin to eventually expand their marketing sales just like how the first line had done it.

There are other brands that only have two to three models to represent them, but Lotte Duty-Free is different because they have nine teams with a total of 16 models coming from different company to interact with one message and that is to gain attraction for the Lotte Duty-Free Shop.

Director Kim Jun Nam of the Lotte’s marketing team recently commented, “The reason we are signing on such mammoth stars is not simply for our sales. Lotte’s star marketing emphasizes the creation of new content. Our aim is to expand Korea’s tourism industry through enter’tour’ment marketing, a combination of the tourism industry and the entertainment industry.”

Just like how the first groups help the gaining tourism of Korea, Lotte is anticipating that this new line will also be the same. JYJ was said to have the best sales, but after all no one will doubt it. Ever since that Dong Bang Shin Ki is still together, the five of them has been a part of Lotte Duty-Free Shop and they had to pose for calendars, attend some fan meetings and also talk shows.

It is expected that the new line of models will be also singing the lotte duty free’s theme song which is “So I’m Loving You.” Additional to that, they will be participation to a variety of events, such as the fan meetings, star relays, and talk shows. Fans of the said new line of artists have been all excited for this, “We are all excited to see and listen their own version of so I’m loving you!”