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With their debut coming up at the end of this month, Hwanhee‘s boy group, MYNAME, sat down for an interview with Star Today to let new fans know what they’re all about.

Check it out below!


Q. “You must be busy rehearsing before your debut stage.”

Insoo: “We practice every day from 2 PM to 8 AM. It’s been about two months since we’ve trained like that.”

Seyong: “Insoo hyung is scary with the way he’s always working. He’s always trying his best.”

Q. “You’re debuting under the title of ‘Hwanhee Boys’. How has that helped you?”

Insoo: “I’ve been a fan of him since his Fly to the Sky days. He’s very confident in his singing abilities so he’s always emphasizing the importance of singing. He also directs our recordings.”

Seyong: “Not only in singing, but he’ll always help us during choreography practice. He was actually a b-boy so he’ll help us out during some of our dance parts where we have b-boy moves. More than anything, he stresses the importance of singing live.”

Insoo: “He’s both our senior and hyung. He’ll secretly come to our dorms and buy us beer and teach us about character (of course, no beer for our group’s minors, Jun Q and Chaejin).”

Seyong: “Also, he tells us to always be humble, but to never lose.”

Q. “Which group do you look up to?”

Gunwoo: “I think the TVXQ seniors are perfect in all aspects. They lack nothing in singing, dancing, and performance. I truly think there isn’t a group more perfect than them.”

Insoo, Seyong: “In order to become a perfect group like TVXQ, it’s important to work hard and do it well. Every group works hard, so we think that’s a given, which is why we also want to both work hard and do it well while we’re at it.”

Q. “Concluding the interview, any last thoughts?”

Gunwoo: “We’re going to show 100%, just as much as we’ve all worked hard for. Since it’s our first single album, we want to hear people say, ‘They’re good’ and ‘They’re not bad’.”

MYNAME: “Please look forward to us. We’re confident that we can do well.”