Home » Mo-Se commented on T-ara’s attitude!

On October 13th, Mo-Se tweeted, “There is a girl group whose attitude at events have led to them being talked about. I know something of it. They are also famous for not greeting others. I’ve met the girl who posted an explanation a few times, and not once did she greet me. What’s worse, we met a few times at the recording studio before their debut, and even then she didn’t do anything.”

“Particularly, when we meet at events, it’s only manners to say ‘thank you’ and greet each other lightheartedly. Let’s not even mention they fact that they don’t greet — all they do is watch me. Wow. They must be big stars. I don’t normally say things like this, but what kind of celebrities or adults are they to behave like this,” he continued.

Previously, T-ARA‘s Hyomin had posted a short note on her Twitter clarifying accusations of insincerity against her group. She said, “There is a part in the choreography for ‘Why Are You Like This?’ that makes it look like we’re talking to one another. As for “Roly Poly,” we wanted to portray a joyful image to the audience, so we smiled at each other and made it look like we were joking around amongst ourselves. I think that misunderstandings arose because of that.”

As soon as Mo-se’s tweet started spreading, he added, “I didn’t mean for that to happen, but I accept their apology and on my part apologize for what I said. I was a little vicious with my words, but seeing how apologetic they are, I think they didn’t mean to be rude. In any case, I will watch over them in future.”