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If you are one of those fans who kept asking, “which Korean Idol has the best body” then the answers for your question is just an inch below!! Every now and then there are many people who are asking the same questions over and over again. This is a very worthy question for those fans to keep their curiosity behind their back.

Recently, the Mnet’s Idol Chart Show had put up their ranking for the Top 20 Idol Bodies of the current generation. The chart not only shows the males but also the females who got the best body ever! Check out if your idol had joined the list and tell us what you think about their chart!

1 – Rain

2 – G.NA

3 – 2PM’s Taecyeon

4 – After School’s UEE

5 – 2AM’s Changmin

6 – Hyori

7 – TVXQ’s Changmin

8 – SNSD’s Yuri

9 – Hwang Jun Eum

10 – MBLAQ’s Lee Joon

11 – Super Junior’s Siwon

12 – Secret’s Hyosung

13 – Big Bang’s Daesung

14 – Rainbow’s Jaekyung

15 – Big Bang’s Taeyang

16 – f(x)’s Victoria

17 – 2AM’s Seulong

18 – Lee Seung Gi

19 – miss A’s Min

20 – KARA’s Jiyoung

For the said chart, many fans had sent their gladness and at the same time, some of their disappointments. For Rain, no one will ever agree that the actor, singer and producer don’t have the great body out there. As we all know he had spent quite some time just to build the body that he currently has.

Most disappointed people come from the fans of the group JYJ. They had recently expressed that group member Kim Jaejoong has also a great body that can even ranked as the 2nd on the list, but as the dispute of the group to their company isn’t over yet, I don’t think that artists will join any chart listing as they had prohibited to shown on the national TV. On the other hand, Choikang Changmin had also got the 7th rank marking a good spot for his body.

Just remember that every one of us have their different opinions on different things so we should understand the side of others.