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miss A‘s Min recently sat down with Movie Week for an interview on her upcoming acting debut with ‘Countdown‘.

She began, “I’m really an honest person.  I’m not afraid of showing my true self to people.  I’ve never once thought of having to act a certain way just because I’m an idol.  I just want to break the stereotype that people have of us.”

Check out her interview below!


Q. “‘Countdown’ will be your first time acting.”

Min: “The only acting lessons I’ve had was when I was little and had to audition for children’s TV programs while in the States.  When they told me to act, I thought it was just that – acting.  I realized soon after, though, that it was understanding your character and feeling the situation with your character’s heart.”

Q. “How did you come to understand your character ‘Hyunji’?”

Min: “Hyunji’s mother abandons her after giving brith to her at the age of 17.  After being adopted to another home, she lives an average life and begins working part time at the age of 17.  Then suddenly, her mother, ‘Hayeon’, comes to see her.  I wondered to myself whether Hyunji would feel both hate and love after seeing her birth mother, especially since she must’ve missed her but wasn’t able to see her.  That and the fact that she was thrown away would make her hate her.”

Q. “You worked with the ‘Queen of the Cannes Film Festival’, actress Jun Do Yeon.”

Min: I wasn’t able to sleep the night before at the thought of being able to act with her.  My heart was beating, but once I actually got to the set, I felt more at ease.  I was in the waiting room when Jun Do Yeon senior stared into my eyes.  I wondered what I should do and was a bit intimidated but still met her gaze.  I didn’t know it was so hard to stare into someone’s eyes.  At that moment, I felt like I was staring at Hayeon, and naturally, I began to feel, ‘Wow, so this must be what Hyunji feels.’”

Q. “Don’t you sometimes lose yourself while living the life flashy life of an idol?”

Min: “You’re talking about stars that start to believe the image they’re portrayed as in the public is actually their true selves, right?  I try not to end up like that by always reminding myself of who I am and where I’m from.  I don’t want to lose myself.  I still don’t know who I am.  I’m still young and have so much more to learn.  For now, I just want to focus on who Lee Min Young will become and just gain experience in a little bit of everything.”

She continued, “We’re always being judged by the public.  Because of that, I don’t judge the people around me.  I think you begin to lose yourself once you’re sucked into the standards and rules set by others.  I’m just true to myself.”