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Suzy noticeably gained a little weight while filming for “Dream High”. A Chubbier Suzy became a hot topic, but as soon as she reverted back to being a musician, she lost the excess weight and came back skinny.

She stated, “When I’m shooting on the set, there’s more time spent sitting, waiting for the cue, so the amount of exercise I normally participate in drops significantly. Thus, I naturally gained weight… The training sessions for the energetic choreography alone are enough to keep my weight steady”.

“Others don’t understand, but my concern is my continuous growth. I look too big on the stage. Min unni complains that she’s too short, but I think her height is perfect. Really”.

She stated, “My feet are too big to wear pretty shoes. Sometimes I put on heels that are too small for my feet when I go on stage, so my heels end up hurting a lot”.

She says opening up a cafe for her mother was the best thing she’s accomplished since her debut. “I think my mom’s having a lighter workload than when she was running a snack bar, so I’m happy. The cafe is next to a library, and the library is currently going through construction so the cafe had to close for a while. The break wasn’t meant to happen, but I’m relieved that my mom has some time to rest”.