Home » miss a calls Park Jinyoung “Park PD”

miss A‘s PD, Park Jinyoung, assured the girls that their song, Goodbye Baby would become a very big hit. miss A stated, “Park Jinyoung PD played the song to people in his company and based on their good responses, he assured us that the song would be a big hit.”

miss A continued, “We weren’t so sure about the song, but people’s responses were good, and as we began to listen to it, we began to like the song too.”

The interviewers also asked the girls about the fact that 2PM and 2AM calls Park Jinyoung “Hyung” (big brother) but miss A call him “Park PD.”

Min responded, “It would be awkward to call him Oppa (older brother for girls) because he’s actually the same age as my father, but he likes to live young.”