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A lot of her songs sing about break ups. “Party Rock” that features a rap by Leessang‘s Gary, “Leggo” with a feature by Narsha, her title song “Dirty” as well as “Love You Love You” with a feature by Girls’ Generation member Sunny and “Revenger” with Rude Paper all sing about painful breakups. These songs seem to reflect Miryo’s heart.

“It wasn’t intentional, but it became a break-up album. I wanted it to have a party concept or a more alluring appeal, but I wasn’t successful. I guess because I experienced something similar, all the songs kept turning into painful breakup songs. Not necessarily a break up after a dating relationship, but you know, where you’re getting to know someone and it just ends. I recently experienced getting rejected by a man who only considered me as one of his many girl friends (laughs). It’s weird, it becomes harder to find love as I get older.”

Seems like this new album is a collection of her honest experiences of being in the music industry for 13 years. Different from her usual fierce image, she exhibited her fun and cute personality in this album as well.

“I’m really nervous. I will do my best on stage, but I want to create a lot of events to meet with my fans,” she said. “I feel really drawn to a lot of my other songs, and I want to introduce them to the public one by one. I hope everyone likes it!”