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Min Hyo Rin recently sat down and showed a new side of her with a new interview regarding the struggles that individuals in the entertainment industry often face. Check out what she had to say below.


- What is your opinion on committing suicides and why do you think they happen?

?There is nothing more tragic than someone committing a suicide. You need a lot of courage to do something like that, and I think with that courage, instead, you can overcome your sadness and trouble.

Everyone thinks about wanting to die at some point in life. Though it is only momentary, some people cannot handle it and unfortunately commit suicide. It’s very important to move beyond such point.

- There are celebrities who make such tragic decisions. What do you think is the reason behind that?

?In reality, one is very vulnerable to depression when you work in this industry. When you get a new project to work on or what kind of reactions you receive from people around you… really every single thing affects you mentally and psychologically. I think that’s why some celebrities make tragic decisions…especially those with sensitive personalities.

Did you ever go through a painful time when you wanted to give up on life?

?I also once suffered from depression. It was not a serious one, but I have thought about dying. I did not attempt suicide; however I did want to give up on everything. ‘What am I doing right now’, I thought. ‘Would it be better to just give up?’ It was something which everyone thinks about at one point.

How did you overcome that?

?I thought about my parents and their faces at that moment. I thought about my relatives and friends. I instantly thought about how tormented my parents would be, how sad my friends will be and that is when I thought ‘I should not be sad like this’ and immediately felt that these dark thoughts were foolish. There is nothing more shameful than dying earlier than your parents. Even the slightest abuse against my body becomes shameful when I think of my parents.

What would you like to say to those who are considering committing a suicide?

?Before you make such decision, please look around you; your parents, relatives, friends and everyone who is connected to you.

When you commit a suicide, it is not only you who will be affected. Just imagine what your loved ones and acquaintances will have to go through. Even, there are sometimes cases when someone commits a suicide because his or her loved one recently did as well. Suicide does not mean an end but the start of another pain and sadness.

What are your future plans?

?Currently, I’m in the process of filming “Gone with the Wind”, where I will be a main character with actor Cha Tae Hyun. I play an important part in the story and I’ve been filming with lots of excitement. It will be released next year, and I hope to show great work.