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MBLAQ recently answered questions regarding their current status in the industry right now. For the support of their fans, members shared their deepest gratefulness to them.

Mir said, “Our fans do everything they can for us. We’re very thankful for them and for anybody who even likes us at all.” He then also added, “But as grateful as we are, we hope that nobody will go to extremes like skipping school or waiting in the snow or rain because of us anymore.”

Lee Joon stating, “There are fans who follow me around even when I’m out for personal business. They stop following me if I ask them to, but I feel sorry if I have to ask all the time.”

Thunder said, “It seems like there’s a separate family fandom for me and my sister, Sandara of 2NE1. We’re very thankful of course, but there are some fans who follow my mother and other sister around even though they aren’t celebrities.”

– “We’ll stay up all night to resolve any issues we have with each other.”

Having some conflicts within the group can’t be ignored that is why Leader Seungho revealed, “We’re all adults and we have similar music styles so we don’t fight with each other often. When the occasional disagreement comes up, we talk about it and make sure to listen to the other person’s opinion. That’s how we work things out. But like I said, we don’t fight often. I could probably count all of the arguments we had on one hand alone. If we don’t have time in our schedules to talk about an issue during the day, we’d probably stay up all night in order to put it to rest.”

– “MBLAQ, a group with many different colors.”

The members are starting to accept individual roles and appearances, “I wanted to go on variety shows too,” Seungho said. “I’m ready any time if anybody wants me on their show.” Unfortunately, he stated, “I don’t have any plans to act yet. I don’t think it’d be too late even if I went into acting after I hit my thirties, after MBLAQ has become successful.”

Member G.O is also receiving praises regarding his participation for the Immortal Song 2, he stated, “I’m relieved that I was able to put my name out there through the show. Even though it’s been two years since MBLAQ’s debut, nobody recognized me as the main vocalist.”

Lee Joon was already known in the filed of acting because of Ninja Assassin and Jungle Fish 2, but still said, “I still have a long ways to go in order to achieve perfection. I think I need to study and practice acting a lot more, but for now I want to focus on MBLAQ.”

-”We want to become a multi-talented group.”

Thunder and G.O are also taking time in writing and composing songs. Thunder stated, “I want a solo album so that I can show my true music tastes, which differs slightly from that of MBLAQ. After “Mona Lisa” promotions, you never know. My self-composed tracks might erupt out of nowhere.”

Lastly, Mir showed his affection for rapping with, “Although I wanted to participate in making the raps for this album, DOK2 is actually the one who wrote them all. He’s very talented so I was able to learn a lot from him while watching him work.”