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-Is there a country you would like to break through in for the new year?

“Well, first we have 12 performances lined up for Japan and our Asia Tour. We’ve released a single in Japan before but we would be there to promote for maybe a week max. So we want to promote more in Japan and spend more time there. We’re so grateful that the Japanese fans give us so much support and love us for who we are, even though we haven’t dont much for them. I feel like we are united under the name of K-pop (Seungho).”

“I would like to debut in the Philippines. I used to live there, so I think I would be comfortable promoting there. I would also be able to see my friends. But it’s weird, it’s hard to get work there. I would also like to go to Europe. How awesome would it be to hold an independent MBLAQ concert there (laughs) (Thunder).”

-You released an album just in time for the new year, what are your goals for 2012?

“I don’t know what kind of image we have now, but what we want is to never disappoint when we are on stage and to do our best. I want our fans to be able to trust us. We would also like for all of us to be healthy and promote well together as a team. Lee Joon is really sick with the flu right now and work is really hard for him (Mir).”

-Lee Joon, this is your year, the year of the Dragon. Any special goals or plans this year?

“Yes, this is my year, the year of the Dragon. The Black Dragon at that! I would like to work hard this year so that at the end, people will say, ‘This was quite the year for MBLAQ member Lee Joon’. There are a lot of things we planned for this year, and we will carry them out, one by one. I am confident that we will not disappoint our fans (Lee Joon).”

-And any specific goals for MBLAQ as a whole?

“We want to work hard to be #1. But to do that, we all need to be healthy and not lose our focus. We will be sure not to disappoint our fans, and will continue to show you the best of MBLAQ (G.O.).”