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After the 26th Golden Disk Awards that were held in Osaka, Japan earlier in the month, IlganSports caught up with Super Junior to discuss their second ‘Daesang‘ they received, their second after previously winning the award back in 2009.

IlganSports shared the interview with the public on January 26th, check out the interview with the members below!


? Leeteuk:

-Congratulations on winning ‘Daesang’ for your album.

“Thank You. I really can’t believe that we have won two Daesang to date at the Golden Disk Awards, it really does feel like I’m dreaming. We’re so thankful to have won four awards. We know that is only possible because of all our ELFs, and our beloved fans all over the world.”

-Your performance was really amazing tonight.

“Actually, we started last year’s world tour right here (Osaka Kyocera Dome). We saw that a lot of our fans who came to that last year were here for us now. We were so touched and excited that I think we were able to put on a better performance. There was also the fact that we were performing at the Golden Disk Awards, and that carried a lot of weight.”

-How do you feel about Ilgan Sports coining you the next Kang Ho Dong?

“I saw the article, and of course I was excited. Part of me feels like it’s unmerited, while I also feel a new sense of responsibility. Just so thankful.”

-Seems like you’ve found your place on shows like ‘Star King’ and ‘Strong Heart’.

“It’s a relief. To be honest, it was really bad when Ho Dong hyung left and the ratings were at an all-time low. There was also talk about changing the MCs and whatnot. So Boom hyung and I decided that we needed to work harder, and things seem to be much better on set now.”

-You have to enlist in the military this year.

“Yes, it’s true. I need to go this year. I think maybe around the fall time. I want to do as much as possible before then. Maybe that’s why, but, I truly value everything I do and everything around me.”

-What are your dreams and goals for the future?

“I would like to plant Super Junior schools all over the world.”