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Almost all of F. Cuz fans have been sad because of the current news regarding their idol. The member of the group, Lee U was confirmed to have withdrawn in the group. On the 21stof May, the management company of the group had sent out an official announcement regarding this as they had put it on their homepage.

Because of the sudden announcement, the Can Entertainment had brings out the bad news to the fans of the group after the long period of training and success as a group. Lee U had already taken his terms within the two agencies and he has decided to withdraw.

F. Cuz is a joint collaboration between two different management company and was created under CAN Entertainment’s talents Jinon, Kan and Yejun with Lee U coming from the management company of Castle J Enterprise. Additional to that, as their had announce the official statement, both agencies had revealed that they are currently checking and eyeing out the solo activities of Lee U who had stated his desire for a new musical preference.

As a conclusion with this, both of the agencies had decided to respect the decision of the singer as they had made the official statement. CAN Entertainment had revealed their note by stating, “We will hope for a new member to join F.Cuz with lots of potential, and hope for F.Cuz to start fresh again. We would also hope for the fans to support the brand new F.Cuz and the future of Lee Seung Hyun. We would like to once again deeply apologize for this piece of news.”

Despite their agony, the fans are still supportive to the group and to Lee U’s decision as they had commented, “even though it hurts, we all respect his decision”, “I hope they will still be close to each other after this”, “we will still support you~ don’t worry!”,”we will still be always here for you~ good luck for your future!” and “though this is very unexpected, without any notice nor any feelings that will happen, we are still happy for all the members! “.