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Even though Lee Seunggi has been turning his focus to his music career after the release of his 5th studio album, “Tonight,” he recently spoke out on Kang Hodong’s temporarily retirement from the entertainment industry and how it has affected his MC activities.

In relation to the issue, Lee Seunggi stated, “No one can replace Kang Hodong’s position. I’m just trying my best.” In his experience of MCing alongside Kang Hodong in KBS’s “Happy Sunday – 1 Night 2 Days” and SBS’s “Strong Heart,” Lee Seunggi was able to improve his variety and MCing skills. Despite Kang Hodong’s sudden retirement, he is still able to hold his ground being the lead in his variety shows, especially in “Strong Heart.” Although some people had doubts in the beginning, wondering whether Lee Seunggi is mature enough to be hosting the show alone, he was able to show everyone his ability to fill that role, generating positive feedback from everyone.

Lee Seunggi further expressed, “I worked with a lot of exceptional seniors and learned a lot from them in the past few years. It’s only because of this that I’m able to perform well right now. This is my responsibility, so I can’t back off from it and will always give my best efforts. The key to running a variety show is having good cooperation amongst the team. Seniors like Lee Kyungsil and Cho Hyeryun gave me a lot of support and help. I will try even harder in the future.”