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On 26th of October, after the press meeting that was held at Sungdonggoo in Seoul for his 5th album release event, ‘Lee Seung Gi’s Five Minute Music Broadcast‘, Lee Seung Gi readily admitted that he knew he didn’t have a large male fan base. He said, ”I’m quite aware that the males out there aren’t big fans of mine… I understand.”

“A lot of my fans are mothers who are in their 40s, who probably give me some of the attention that’s rightfully deserved to their children. So, I understand… I just pray that these children aren’t my superiors once I enter the army,” he continued, evoking laughter on set.

In regards to enlisting in the military he said, “It’s my duty as a Korean citizen. However, I don’t know what my situation is going to be like so I have yet to set an official date“, and “The sooner the better.”

‘Lee Seung Gi’s Five Minute Music Broadcast’ is to help promote his first full-length album in two years, ‘Tonight‘.

Although the program is only 5 minutes long, there will be an official MC, guests, and songs, offering the same entertainment as any other music program. It will air on November 1st through MelonTV, as well as other online sites such as YouTube.