Home » Lee Seung Gi on his enlistment and Kang Ho Dong!

On 26th of October, Lee Seung Gi appeared for his 5th album release event called ‘Lee Seung Gi’s Five Minute Music Broadcast‘, where he talked about the future of his career.

When asked about his plans for the army, he revealed, “Time-wise, nothing’s finalized yet, but I’m planning to enlist in the beginning of next year. I originally wanted to enlist within this year, but I realized that I wouldn’t be able to do anything so I decided to wait for good projects.”

He continued, “My seniors are all serving in the army, and times have changed where it’s better to just quietly enlist. I’m not planning on waiting too long to enlist, however. There is a time period that I myself have decided but you never know with the future, so I’d rather not talk about it now. Just know that it won’t be too late. I’d rather go when I’m young and healthy.”

Lee Seung Gi was also asked about having to fill in for MC Kang Ho Dong, to which he replied, “His position is not something that can be filled, and even if I were to try, it would be impossible. Since he’s my senior, I learned many things over his shoulder. Although he never directed me, I learned so much over the years I’ve spent with him.”

He continued, “Instead of trying to fill his shoes, I’d rather just do what I can on my own.”

While on the topic of variety shows, he stated, “I think that variety shows are all about teamwork, which goes the same for ‘1 Night 2 Days‘ and ‘Strong Heart‘. I’m thankful to all of my seniors who helped me out.”

His release event will be broadcast through Melon TV and YouTube on November 1st.