Home » Lee Mi Sook wants Won Bin on her show

On October 7th, actress Lee Mi Sook attended a press conference for “Bad Scene” in Gangnam,Seoulwhere she honestly told reporters that she wants Won Bin to guest on her show.

The actress shared, “I think I’ve already attracted a fair amount of stars on my wanted list“.  The first episode has already been filmed with actor, Jang Hyuk, but the actress further hinted that viewers can expect to see the likes of Lee Jeong Jae and Tak Jae Hoon on her future episodes.

Lee Mi Sook doesn’t seem to be fully satisfied with her star line-up as she continued, “I want to send an invitation to Won Bin.  I’m really curious about him.”  The actress further revealed, “If the guest is a young male celebrity, I will absolutely welcome him… Speaking of young… maybe I should invite some idols…”

Lee Mi Sook expressed her excitement for her new show as she explained, “After hosting this show, I’ve become more willing and confident in conversing with other actors/actresses.  As an actress myself, I think I can better relate to their stories of hardships.”

“Bad Scene” is a talk show which features famous celebrities who reveal which embarrassing scenes from their past that they would to get rid of.  The first episode with Jang Hyuk aired on the 8th.