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2012 is finally upon us, and even though this past weekend was a long one for those working in Korea, the idol stars have sacrificed much deserved time with their families to take part in various promotions. There are a few idols, however, who have stolen the spotlight and are receiving more attention than most.

MBLAQ member Lee Joon is one of them. He debuted with MBLAQ in 2009, and has continued to work both as an artist and an actor, and he has higher hopes and goals for 2012 than any other idol star.

The reasons being, MBLAQ has just released a new album and last year was especially difficult on him.

MBLAQ is known to be the ‘unlucky idols’. Although they are praised for their musical talents and good looks, ironically they have yet to secure a #1 K-Chart win on any major music program. They’ve come real close many times, but have always been triumphed by another artist.

When asked if this sort of thing stresses him out, or if he gets upset when he sees other artists doing better than his own group, Lee Joon shook his head and said, “As long as I am not ashamed of myself, I’m okay.”

“As long as others think I performed well, and I am not ashamed of who I am, that is enough for me. I always step off the stage thinking I could’ve done this better or improved that, but I am working to put on a flawless performance for the fans,” he continued.

Lee Joon’s performance for MBLAQ’s new song “This Is War” is a hot topic of conversation amongst fans and netizens alike. Lee Joon showcases his acting skills, where he collapses after being ‘shot’ with an imaginary gun. It is more than just a small stage performance. Lee Joon really gets into character and has impressed his audience thus far, however, he himself is not 100% satisfied with the performance.

“I make a lot of mistakes, and I can’t time the ‘bang’ just right. When we do the performance, I have a lot of wires all over my body which makes it hard for me to dance. So when something goes wrong, it really stresses me out,” he said. And in order to prevent anything from going wrong, he continues to practice and rehearse his moves day and night.