Home » Lee Da Hae wants to work with INFINITE!

Lee Da Hae, the lead actress from MBC‘s hit drama, ‘Miss Ripley’, revealed her affections for INFINITE on this week’s espisode of KBS‘s ‘Entertainment Weekly’.

Recently, Kim Jung Tae, her fellow actor from ‘Miss Ripley’, had picked Lee Dae Hae as the actress he would like to work with again on a romantic drama. When the reporter asked how she felt about his statement, she stated honestly with a laugh, “Oppa, I don’t want to.”

When asked who she would want to work with instead, Lee Da Hae blurted out with a sheepish smile, “INFINITE would be good.”

She couldn’t hold back her emotions as she confessed, “Why must they keep saying ‘Be mine’? It makes my heart flutter!”