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Actor Kwon Sang Woo recently sat down for an interview with Star News to talk about his role as well as the hardships he endured for the movie.

Check it out below!


Q. “You’re currently awaiting the release of your new film.  How do you feel?”

“I think this will be the first time where I’m showing a new side of myself. I hope that it’ll become a film where viewers won’t think awkward of this new side, but rather think to themselves, ‘He had this image to himself all along as well.’ Actors can seem like only one component of what makes up a film, but this movie in particular is based off of the emotions of a character named ‘Nam Soon’. I think that if the film does well, I’ll be praised, if not, I’ll be met with heavy criticism. That’s why I’m as greedy as ever. I want to hurry and meet with the viewers and press at the movie’s conference.”

Q. “Why is the title ‘Pain’?”

“Doesn’t the title just exude a certain feel? I was really in pain through the movie. Aside from the fact that I was constantly being beat up, I really found myself connecting to each scene. I sometimes choked up with tears while looking back at some of the scenes I had completed. I want that pain to be delivered through the scenes.”

Q. “You play a character that doesn’t feel any pain.”

“I’m good at holding in pain.  I’ve been like that since I was a student and even while filming for movies. I’ve been beat up and hurt countless times, so much so that I’ve lost count. This movie, however, counted on the fact that all of those aspects had to be brought together for the ending to make sense. I knew that I had to be hurt and I knew that I had to be beaten up properly in order for the emotions of the scene to shine. I felt great being hit. There’s no way to lessen the pain other than to just hold it in. You can’t blink when a fist is being thrown at you.”

Q. “You’re known for doing all of the scenes on your own without a stunt double.”

“I’m confident that I can perform better than other people. My confidence is one of my strengths so I want to show people everything I can up to my limits and prove to the viewers that I’m doing my absolute best. I also have this intense desire to try to fulfill what I lack to the best of my ability. When shooting action scenes, I feel like you have to be sweating and getting down and dirty for it. I have no desire to protect my body when on the scene.”

Q. “Your visual/image was wrecked through this film.”

“There’s this one scene in the movie where I’m caught looking at my absolute worst in my entire career… and I like that scene the best. If it’s a part of the movie, what’s wrong with looking ugly? You can’t be an actor if you’re embarrassed of small things like that.

In general, it was a movie that you couldn’t be fussing with your visual about. For one scene in particular, the director said that it’d be nice if I came to work with flattened hair. After that, I didn’t even wash my face or my hair when leaving for work. It was only after that I let go of my image that filming became much more natural and comfortable.”

Q. “You received positive reviews for your past movies and dramas..”

“If only if it weren’t for the accident… I think it’s important to not make the same mistake twice. Because of that, the way I carry my heart is different. I want to do better. I’m currently working between movies and dramas, but I know that just because I did well in a drama doesn’t mean I’ll receive the same response in a movie. I’m always working with the heart of improving myself.”

Q. “Is your injury okay?”

“My right leg is still in bad condition. I have so many things I need to be doing but I get so frustrated because of my ankle. I get shots every week to speed up the recovery. I have to recover soon in order to work on my movie with Jackie Chan, since that also is an action film. I haven’t used a stunt double thus far and I’m not planning to yet. Doesn’t it give me some merit as a casting partner (grin)?”

Q. “You seem very excited.”

“I grew up watching his movies. I’ve seen probably 30 of them. Being able to work with him is different from just working with another actor. It’s just so amazing to be with him, you really can’t describe it in words. We filmed for a bit in Paris and will be heading to Beijing for additional shooting next month. The production process is taking a bit long but it’s a very meaningful movie to me.”

Q. “What did Jackie Chan say?”

“While filming on scene, we had to switch up some of the moves. I caught on quickly and learned them on the spot, and Jackie Chan said that he was proud because I reminded him of his younger years. I felt great since it felt like he was praising me for being a good cast. This time, I want to impress him with my acting.”

Q. “You’re looking forward to your overseas advancement.  What are you dreaming of?”

“Aside from ‘Chinese Zodiac‘, I also have a movie with Cecilia Cheung coming up in November. I’ve also received a casting offer for a Hollywood film. If I were to name a dream, it’d be to shift my influence from Asia to Hollywood and one day develop a movie under the brand of my name. It’s good to dream big, you know (laughter).”